About Souk

Our story and our team

A design firm, based in Chennai, we specialize in all things furniture. Souk is dedicated to crafting and providing the most stunning furniture – we handpick the most spectacular artifacts and pieces from around the world and also create some original stunners. Sourced from the most remote corners of the world, by our experts, pieces from Souk are that of beauty and rarity. Studio Souk is for those that love to show a little bit of themselves in their furniture. At the studio we provide design inspirations and craft the furnishing to your liking.

We also provide interior design services for homes and restaurants. Some of our noted projects include Bengaluru’s favourite Sunny’s restaurant and Café Latitude in Chennai. There are also a horde of luxury homes personalized by Souk.

Souk is your ultimate furniture destination. Our collection and craftsmanship is capable of transforming the style of any space.